Friday, October 7, 2011

What My Dog Teaches Me

Mid-term exams are over and I'm finally able to hang out with my husband, cat and dog again.  The weather was gorgeous today and I took full advantage of it by playing outside with my dog for a few hours.  While we were hanging out, I realized that even though my exams are over (for now) and I'm not in class, my dog was acting as my teacher today.

Things I Learned from My Dog:
1. Don't Quit: Once my dog starts playing fetch with a ball/stick/rock/whatever, he recognizes that object as his "toy".  Today while playing fetch, he lost track of what I threw and when I told him "get your toy", the hunt was on.  Boaz, did not give up the search even though it was hard.  He didn't come whining to me, or try to get a new "toy".  He stuck with it and eventually he found it and was able to continue playing.

2. Look Around: Boaz and I went to the levee to play and we haven't been there in a while.  Initially, I was annoyed that he was stopping every few feet to check out the smells and add some of his own.  Then I realized that he was taking time to enjoy the walk, not just rushing to get to the endpoint.  Once I slowed down and looked around I witnessed two red shouldered hawks flying with a vulture.  I enjoyed the wind and just the fact that I was outside instead of in front of a computer and studying school books.

3. Find the Fun: When we play fetch, you can tell my dog has some retriever in him.  He will play fetch for an hour (he actually did today).  So how can doing the same thing over and over not get boring?  Why doesn't Boaz see the uselessness of bringing me the toy if I'm just going to throw it and ask for him to get it again?  Because for him, it's fun.  He sees it as a game, so it is a game.  The next time there's some mindless task to be done, I'm going to realize that I'm "playing fetch" and find a way to make it fun.

4. Be Flexible: We weren't the only ones enjoying the nice weather and the water.  Usually when people see Boaz follow the throw into the water, they are impressed.  Today was no exception.  The gentleman watching us picked up a stick and threw it in the water for his dog, who unfortunately was uninterested to say the least.  To Boaz, it didn't matter who was throwing what, if something was thrown, then it needed to be retrieved. 

5. Kisses Make Everything Better: After being outside for hours playing fetch, walking and running I was getting tired.  While I wanted to lay down in the grass, Boaz wasn't ready to call it quits yet.  He still was full of energy and a bit clumsy, stepping on me.  Of course I wanted to be mad at him, but then he comes over and starts licking my face and all is forgiven.

I enjoy spending time with my dog.  I wonder what else he will teach me.


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