Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Care Farming

My friend posted a really cool infographic about how much land you would need to be able to support your family.

If you choose, you can use that same amount of land to not only support your family but also help others heal along the way.

In the UK, they call this "care farming".

Basically it involves using your farm to "provide health, social, or educational care services" to people.

I love that the UK has a website devoted to it. Even more exciting is that Prince Charles held a recognition luncheon for National Care Farming Initiative's 5 year anniversary. Having that kind of support probably helps farmers find funding, which makes the choice to become a care farm a little easier.

Here's a video from one care farm called Highfields Happy Hens that works with kids involved in the court system.

I wish that we had some kind of directory of care farms here in the US.  The ones that I am aware of are:

Green Chimneys (I've posted about them before here)

Tranquility Farm

Forget Me Not Farm

McKenna Farms

Sanctuary One

Gentle Barn (I've posted about them before here)

Please feel free to add any that you know to the list. Maybe we can create our own care farming webpage for the US and then eventually around the world!

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  1. Do you know of a care farm in the US to care for the mentally ill adults?

    Do you know how to find a farming family who might be willing to take one person into their farm to care for that person and be paid for their services?


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