Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cat and Crow

Today is International Migratory Bird Day and Hug Your Cat Day so I've found a story that touches on both.

One day in 1999, Wallace and Ann Collito were sitting on their front porch when they noticed a very little stray cat. The next day that same cat came around again but, this time a crow was nearby. At first the couple were worried that the crow was bullying the little kitten, but it turned out he was acting as her protector.

Over the next few weeks, they witnessed the crow finding bugs and feeding the cat. The crow also showed her where she could find water. He even scolded the cat when she hung out in the street. He would try to push her back out of the road if she didn't listen to him.

The more they saw the more they realized, he wasn't just a protector to her, they were friends. They'd wrestle and play games with each other.  And when they were going somewhere, they walked side by side. The Collitos named the crow Moses and the cat Cassie.

When they told people about this odd couple, they were met with disbelief. So the Collitos videoed Moses and Cassie interacting.

Eventually, the Collitos were able to get Cassie to trust them enough that the cat started spending the night in their house. Every morning, Moses would be there to collect Cassie and the two would enjoy each other's company all day. This relationship continued this way for over 4 years.
One morning Moses didn't show up. The Collitos think that he found a girlfriend and he knew that Cassie was in good hands.

What we do know for sure is that Cassie and Moses found each other at a time when they needed each other the most.

***Update*** There's a book about this friendship called Cat and Crow. Here's a review of that book.

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