Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'd Catch a Grenade For You...Jump in Front of a Train For You

Lilly has that kind of dedication, a point that she proved literally by saving her owner from an oncoming train.

Christine Spain, had a history of depression, anxiety, and alcoholism. That's why her son (David Lanteigne) adopted Lilly, a pit bull, 3 years ago, so that she would have a companion. Lilly has proven much to be more than that.

Since acquiring Lilly, Ms. Spain has cut down on her drinking. She doted over Lilly and seemed to be in a much better state, until a few days ago, when she got some bad news and her old habit kicked in. As she was walking Lilly that evening she passed out.
On railroad tracks.
And a train was coming.

The train driver saw them and tried to slow down, but heard a thump and knew he hit them. When he went to check, he saw that the woman was miraculously untouched by the train.
Lilly had pulled her to safety!

In doing so, Lilly bore the brunt of the impact and was taken immediately to Angell Animal Medical Center where the doctors had to amputate a front leg and put steel plates in her shattered pelvis. She is doing well, despite all of that and even wagged her tail and tried to stand when David came to visit.

If you are interested in helping this amazing dog on her road to recovery, you can go here to offer your financial support.

I'm so glad that Lilly is a pit bull. They've been getting a lot of bad press in recent years and have become the breed to hate. Lilly proves that breed has nothing to do with it! Her love and devotion speaks volumes. When that train was coming at them, it went against every natural instinct she had to stay there. Lilly is definitely a guardian angel!

Bella, a shar-pei/pit bull mix, displays the angelic quality of dogs
(regardless of breed).
Thanks Kat Godfrey for letting me use a picture of your adorable dog!
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  1. The only thing "wrong" with pit bulls is the kind of owners they tend to attract! I had some in training classes and they are so body-insensitive that they cannot be corrected into obeying, but they did great when praised for doing right.

    1. "The only thing 'wrong' with pit bulls is the kind of owners they tend to attract" Good point, Sue Ann!



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