Friday, September 2, 2011

Advanced Canine Detectives

Today is the final installment of National Dog Day Heroes and I've been waiting since Tuesday to write about this group.  They don't necessarily fit the "Animals Help Heal" topic of the blog, but I think that their service should definitely be recognized.

With all that being said, today's spotlight is on Advanced Canine Detectives LLC for their use of dogs in discovering bed bugs.

This group brings dogs to hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, airlines, cruises and other places that bed bugs might go and the dogs are trained to sniff out living bed bugs and their eggs.  Advanced Canine Detectives report a 97% accuracy rate for their doggy companions.

The group offers its services in Connecticut, upstate New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Long Island.  So why would someone hire this group instead of something more traditional?  Their website lists several reasons, but one of my favorite is: "Dogs are Honest.  Dogs are trained to work for food and love... and NOT for profits."  To go along with that, the company also mentions on their homepage that they are not exterminators, they just find the bugs, so no conflict of interest there either.

One last thing about this group that endears them to me is that Mardi Gras, one of the beagles, is a Hurricane Katrina rescue dog.  I'm glad he or she has a new life with a sense of purpose.

So, would anyone hire this company next time you need to check for bed bugs?  I think it would be fun, just to see the dogs hunting.
He's not a Canine Detective but maybe someday he could be.  This is Rio, who is occasionally featured in a friend's blog:

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