Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Training or Gaining a Service Dog

I've been asked by a couple people recently about how to go about either getting a service dog or training one.  Yay for people reading my blog!

There are several groups throughout the US and some around the world, that train service dogs.  One of the more well established organizations is the Delta Society.  This non-profit has been around for a little over 30 years and they are built on the thought that "People are healthier and happier because companion, service and therapy animals enrich and positively impact their everyday lives."

With that in mind, they have come up with a directory of service animal trainers and training programs.  You can search by state, organization name, and/or what disability you have.  I appreciate this listing that they've put together because when I was trying to find a group that trains companion dogs in Florida for someone, I was having a hard time.  My search was full of obedience classes which wasn't what I was looking for. The other good thing about using this directory is that the Delta Society acts as an accreditation board, so if a group makes it on their list, you can be assured that the program is legit.

As far as international directories, I've been able to locate one for Australia and interestingly enough, they have a Delta Society there too, although it doesn't seem to have any connection to the one in the US besides the name.  Otherwise, I'm having a hard time finding directories for countries outside the US.  If you have found one for somewhere else, please let me know.

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